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International Pan-Enterprise Online Document Repository Upgrade

Elekta is a Swedish human care company pioneering significant innovations and clinical solutions for treating cancer and brain disorders, providing equipment for radiation therapy, radiosurgery, brachytherapy and clinical management.

To support its on-going drive for innovation and efficiency, Elekta wanted to update its existing online information resource base at Built on EPiServer CMS 4, was originally created in 2005 as a sales and marketing document repository, but rapidly expanded to house a library of service and support information for its vast array of products.

Although robust, was struggling to adapt to changing business requirements. Running on outdated technology, it was becoming increasingly clear that editorial efficiency was being compromised, as was the more general user experience globally across the company's 3,300 employees. Additionally, attempting to maintain the old source code, as well as the the third-party search facility, was becoming a financial liability.

Having worked with Fifth Dimension on other EPiServer projects, Elekta tasked us to design and build an updated and more flexible version of the repository, focusing on reducing operational costs, minimising time-to-publication, increasing speed of search and enhancing information delivery.

EPiServer CMS 6
was a natural choice for the upgrade. For us, it allowed our developers to leverage EPiServer's inbuilt document handling and search features, whilst Elekta benefited from the extended range of editorial tools, which required minimal re-training, due to the already-familiar EPiServer interface.

To replace the inefficient and costly third-party search facility used in, we developed a custom multi-faceted full-text search engine. The new search engine indexes changes to all site content in real-time, as well as indexing the huge corpus of associated documents.

Andrew RodgersElekta's Global Web & Multimedia Manager:

"Just wanted to drop you a line to say how amazing the new portal looks and acts. So many over here are more than impressed with the design, the ease of use and how much different their experience is with this, than with the previous site. So congratulations on all the hard work you put in to making this site a roaring success."

Features of the new online repository include:

  • a hybrid full-text search for locating documents using product names, keywords or meta tags;
  • individual service and marketing document finders which allow users to locate documentation based on content and format; and
  • an XML-driven parts-catalogue.

With its improved user interface and expanded functionality, our new CMS 6 version of is a powerful information delivery tool which has seen a 67% increase in site usage, a 90% reduction in pages viewed during search, and a 51% reduction in the time it takes for users to find target documents.


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