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A Case study

Kalixa is a prepaid MasterCard® and e-wallet, issued across the UK, Germany and Italy, and acts as a relevant example of the application of almost all the services we offer, from branding through to affiliate marketing.


To understand both the European payments arena and the target markets for Vincento's prepaid MasterCard product, we analysed existing industry data and commissioned our own qualitative and quantitative research into the perceptions and usage of credit cards, debit cards, prepaid cards and e-wallets.

The results pinpointed an 'ownable' position in an increasingly crowded space, which we distilled into the tagline Control Your Cash - an emphatic response to our respondents' concerns that the current economic climate has severely diminished their financial control.

As a pan-European offering, we needed a product name that could be both easily read and pronounced consistently across a range of European countries - whilst having an available trademark and URL.

We tested a shortlist of brand names with groups of native speakers from France, Spain, Germany, Italy, Poland, Greece and Portugal. In addition to pronunciation, we tested for a direct semantic translation, negative connotations, competitive context and cultural suitability.

The research was invaluable; the results quickly dispelled some of our initial assumptions (as we assumed they would) and directly steered us towards the final name of the product: Kalixa.Cs550x412kalixa11

We wanted to create a powerful brand that would elevate the product well out of reach of the competition, appealing to conscientious budgeters, seasoned travellers and business users alike. We wanted the brand and the physical card itself to appear sleek and sophisticated in a market rife with cheap and cheerful. We wanted Vincento's cardholders to be proud of their plastic, not embarrassed.

We employed focus groups to feed-back on everything from brand tone of voice to the physical look and feel of the card itself, and website usability to colour palettes.

We listened to our focus groups throughout the whole brand and product design process; they gave us the feedback we required to feel confident that our final solutions were the right solutions.

Card Design

Competition is fierce in the prepaid industry and we needed Kalixa, to cut through the noise, both in terms of brand values and the physical card design itself.

The first thing we did was rotate the card 90° - including the MasterCard logo and hologram - and design a portrait-formatted object, rather than adhering to the standard landscape layout. This orientation matches the way people now use their cards - inserting them vertically into Chip & PIN readers and cash machines. One of our brand rules is that Kalixa is always depicted in portrait orientation.


Kalixa is the first prepaid card to use this new formatting, which guarantees instant stand-out from the competition, even at a glance. had to sell the product to potential customers - by acting as a virtual shop window - and deliver timely and relevant content to existing customers (and provide access to their online account in a secure PCI environment).

To overcome this dichotomy, a dedicated section of the site was structured to host rapid-deployment modular landing pages, providing customisable segment- and message-specific destinations containing highly-targeted content. This approach means that the core site retains cohesion and balance, at the same time providing a powerful sales and marketing platform.

Additionally, one of the core technical requirements for was the need for the site to be both regionalised and multilingual. Building such an extensible framework pushes the boundaries of what most single websites are able to deliver.

We consider to be a constant work-in-progress and we continually monitor all site activity; we test, we learn and we respond rapidly to market conditions, customer requirements and regulatory requirements, ensuring the website remains relevant and effective and acts as the central hub of all of Kalixa's marketing activity.

The Kalixa Affiliate Network

We were not only tasked with positioning and branding Kalixa, but implementing an on-going digital marketing strategy to acquire cardholders across the UK, Germany and Italy.

We quickly discovered that in the prepaid arena, affiliate marketing is one of the most effective methods of acquiring new cardholders. We maintain close relationships with our global affiliate network, working with some of the biggest and best names in the business, to ensure a very impressive ROI.


Our main advantage over Kalixa's competitors is that we're well placed to react swiftly to the requirements of our affiliate network, providing a quick turnaround on approvals and campaign submissions, along with rapid deployment of banners and assets. In short, the affiliates like working with us because we continually make the effort to help them to help us.